Storage Units

We have Storage Units of various sizes. Our personnel will assist you in determining the smallest unit which will be sufficient and convenient for your items.

  • Convenient and secure
  • Sizes from 4’x8′ to 24’x12′
  • Free access

Available Units

Unit SizeFloor Space (Sq.Ft.)What May Fit
4' x 8'32A few items of furniture. Some boxes. Good for university students.
4' x 12'

5' x 12'

6' x 12'


The unit to be selected on the need to store electrical appliances e.g. Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Dryer, Tread Mill, etc.
8' x 12'

10' x 12'

12' x 12'


Large enough for a two / three bedroom apartment / house. Larger unit to be a selected on the basis of electrical appliances and furniture storage needs.
12' x 24'288Usually enough room to store the contents of a four or five bedroom home.