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Storage Tips

Towers Self Storage suggests your best success will come from planning your storage carefully. A little forethought will help achieve perfect hindsight.

  • Keep a plan of where items are stored for easy reference at a later date.
  • Make the most out of your space, put small things inside big things like filling drawers and cupboards to use up interior space.
  • Chairs can be stacked seat to seat. Disassemble legs from tabletops and chairs to provide more room
  • Use blankets between stacked items to protect from scratching.
  • Place heaviest items on the bottom, lightest on top and stack to the ceiling.
  • Those items you may frequently need should be stored at the front of your unit.
  • Protect your furniture with covers. Use cushions between items to prevent rubbing.
  • Leave some space along the walls for air circulation.
  • Clean all appliances before storing. Keep doors of appliances and refrigerators /freezers ajar for air circulation.
  • Store boxed or crated paintings, mirrors or pictures on end, not flat.
  • Any fuels must be drained from vehicles or appliances prior to storage for safety.