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Packing Tips

Towers Self Storage suggests your best success will come from planning your packing carefully. A little forethought will help achieve perfect hindsight.

  • Think about what items will be in the back of your storage unit and load them into the truck last as they will be the first taken out.
  • Have all the boxes, tape, packing materials, and labels you will need before you start.
  • Make a master list of boxes and contents and number them.
  • Mark all boxes with a label of contents. Consider a ‘this side up’ indicator. Mark boxes on top and sides as boxes will be stacked.
  • Use small boxes for heavy items, large boxes for light items. Put heavy items in the bottom of boxes.
  • All boxes should be sealed with packing tape.
  • Wardrobe boxes should be used for hanging clothing, draperies and blankets.
  • All woolen items should be dry-cleaned before storage to kill any hidden moth larvae.
  • Plates and glassware should be wrapped in paper. Nest cups and bowls, stack plates and saucers on edge, don’t lay them flat. Fill bottoms and sides of boxes with packing material to protect from outside bumps.
  • Don’t over-pack boxes, the bottoms may pop open when moving the cartons.
  • Books, records, tapes and CD’s should be packed flat, heaviest on bottom.
  • Small pictures, mirrors or other breakable items should be bubble wrapped and stored away from heavy items.
  • Mattresses and box springs should be covered or bagged in plastic.
  • Bed frames should be disassembled. Use plastic wrap to lash together.
  • Screws, bolts and hardware from disassembled pieces should be kept in sealed plastic bags and taped to the items they came from.
  • Large pictures, mirrors or paintings should be packed in individual boxes and stored on end, not flat.